Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Hair follicles on a bee wing

I don't know if they are hair follicles... but as you zoom in and out they are where the tiny hairs join the wing.. This is my first post with my new microscope.. more details of that at another time...   I don't have a camera attachment at the moment, so I am carefully holding my Pentax over the eyepiece for the time being.  (I have to investigate eyepieces and the dimensions required...)  - I'll also have to work out what magnification this is.. there's no model number on the microscope, so I can't say what model or magnification .. (steep learning curve)
This was in one of the 10 prepared slides that came with the microscope.  (Plus you'll have to excuse the blemishes from my dusty old camera... it doesn't bother me too much for now.. I'm sure some of them come from a dusty lens somewhere too... )

[edit: 800x magnification from a compound microscope]

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